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If "it" deals with business technology
we can help!

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Our client's markets (120+ clients):

Architecture, Construction, Design, Engineering, Electrical, Financial Management, Finance Loans, Insurance, Legal, Manufacturing, Marketing, Medical/Dental, Non-Profit/Church, Software, etc. 

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Support Services

We provide technology support and guidance for all aspects of your business.  In general, we are here to assist with all aspects of your technology infrastructure.

Our services portfolio includes general support, maintenance of your infrastructure, security management, as well as project management.  This includes tasks such as assisting your users with issues remotely or onsite, verifying your infrastructure is running properly and is up to date, insuring your technology assets are properly protected, providing technical guidance, implementation and testing of new or upgraded systems.

Cyber security, Cloud implementations, Servers, Software Applications, Upgrades, Remote Employees/office, Local and Wide area networks, i.e. all business technology is within our scope of expertise.


Cyber Security

The topic of Cyber Security certainly has the attention of business owners.  Concerns of data loss, potential impact to operations, costly insurance, software/hardware upgrades, are all important considerations to reduce risk for your firm. 
Cyber attacks can range from minor password phishing to extensive and sophisticated attacks that can bring the entire business to a standstill.  The bad news is that we are seeing a gradual increase in the quantity and quality of malicious activity over time.  The good news is that working together, with a bit of review and planning, we can insure you have a solid Cyber Security defense in place.

A good technology partner wil have extensive experience when it comes to technology upgrades and implementations.  Weather a new remote office is needed, an additional server, cloud email, or a mission critical application update is required, IThinkSource has the experience to insure the implementation is a smooth process delivered on time and within budget. 
Our years of experience is simply invaluable when is comes to proper planning and guidance, technical know how, and ability to keep all players on track.  Between the leadership of IThinkSource we have over 55 years of business IT experience. (Mr. Tolosa has over 30 years while Mr. Tran has over 25 years).


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From servers to laptops, to network switches and routers, we are experts in mapping the appropriate hardware to your needs in a budget friendly manner. 
Whether you need a standard server, high-speed SAN storage, a network firewall upgrade, or a high speed color printer,  we will work with your team to understand your needs/requirements and provide effective solutions to enable a competitive advantage.
Flexibility.  Weather you prefer to source your own technology hardware, or if you prefer to purchase through us, we are here to provide the expertise to insure your are properly equipped.
[Servers, SAN, NAS, Routers, Switches, WAP, Workstations/Laptops, Printers, Scanners, etc.]


Many IT professionals understand the basics of networking.  However, very few truly understand networking architecture, and thus are limited in terms of network design and troubleshooting. 
At IThinkSource, we understand networks and are experts in maintaining and troubleshooting network performance issues. 
Whether you require WAN connectivity for remote offices, would like to implement a secure VPN, or would like to increase your security by segmenting your physical network (VLANs), we can support all your networking needs.
[LAN, WAN, TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, MPLS, NAT, VLANS, WAP, Routers, Switches, VPN, etc.]

Certainly, your mission critical applications and software is where your IT infrastructure all comes together.  You need to have the right software that meets your needs, the proper hardware to effectively support your application and the properly configured network to insure all your employees can reliably access the software.​
The implementation and support of your key software is where our years of experience pay off.  We have a complete set of best practices that apply to all layers of your infrastructure (hardware, software, network, employee).
Working with your team we will insure an effective implementation, working with our best practices will insure a secure and reliable business platform you can rely on.
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Backups - Business Continuity

In today's demanding business environment, capturing effective backups of your data assets is as important as ever.  Certainly today's hardware/software are much more stable than in years past.  But the primary risk of data loss is no longer due to system failure, it is due to a failure of your security strategy (hacking/malware).
Not only are effective backups key, but the proven ability to restore those backups when needed and to have a plan in place to restore and rebuild your technology infrastructure (Business Continuity), must be all part of your IT partner's experience base and ability to manage/implement.
Our best practice approach to backups and business continuity insures a cost effective means of multiple backups to varying platforms that are regularly monitored and tested for success.

Cloud Services

Effective and proper use of cloud resources can help to increase productivity while reducing costs to your firm.
However, not all cloud services are alike and certainly not all cloud options are a good value for your firm.  We help to provide guidance, to navigate utilization of the cloud and insure, like any IT resource, that we utilize the proper platforms for your company's needs.
In the majority of cases, we find that cloud based email is a good option as enterprise class email with proper security can be provided at a great value.
Utilization of cloud resources for file storage and sharing, and/or application hosting is reviewed on a case by case basis to weigh the costs/benefits and determine your preferred implementation strategy.
Software Services

One key benefit of partnering with IThinkSource is that we offer complete technology support and guidance.  Our services include day to day technology support, system maintenance, general technology guidance, hardware/software purchasing and implementation, etc.
An additional aspect to our services is our offering of recommended security software solutions.  Each offering, provides a unique benefit for our clients.
For example, our anti-virus solution includes a central management console that will alert us of any unusual virus activity.  Or, our email SPAM filter not only provides highly effective email SPAM protection, but additional capabilities are included that protect you from malicious email attachments and links.
With all our clients we include remote support software and hardware asset tracking software.
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