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We manage your technology, so you can manage your business.

IThinkSource provides technology support & management services for Orange County businesses.  Our entire focus and expertise is providing superior IT support services.  We utilize our extensive experience and best practices to ensure your technology is managed properly and is an effective tool for your operations.


Based on your support needs, we will develop a cost effective support plan to meet your business goals.  Support plans range from on-call hourly services, monthly plans, pre-paid service blocks, supplemental IT, or fully custom plans. 

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Our Philosophy

We believe in providing exceptional services for a great value to our clients.   Our extensive experience in the business technology field has not only solidified a specific, best practice based approach to the effective use of technology, but also has instilled a very specific approach to customer service.

You will find the team at IThinkSource care for our client's well being and success.  Our approach does not only provide highly effective technology support and guidance, but also includes a complete focus on our clients, i.e. our family.

All our technicians are trained not only in terms of technical expertise, but also in terms of good business sense.  High morale standards are key, with an emphasis on taking excellent care of our clients.

How do we do this?

Our success is based on continually providing highly valuable expertise to our clients. 

What we are:  We are an independent, self funded firm.  We believe in providing excellent technology support and guidance for the benefit of our clients.  

We are here to help our clients succeed via effective use of technology.

What we are not:  We are not funded by outside parties.  We are not looking to build up a business simply to sell.  We are not influenced by any vendors to push their products.  We have no hidden agenda.

Call, chat, or email us today.  Find out what true IT support is all about.

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